Daily Practice

Develop a daily practice by following the guidance below.  Remember to keep it simple and use the videos and images to keep you focused.

Before you start...

1. use a grounding technique, such as imaging a cord running from the top of you head deep into the earth's core

2. consider facing east, as some suggest this is good practice when meditating.  You can download a compass app to help with this

3.  make sure you are not driving or using equipment.  Take time for yourself to practice.

4. Turn off or place on silent any electrical devices that might interrupt you

Morning Check-in: 3 minutes

  1. When you wake up, check in with how you feel -  even before you get out of bed
  2. Check whether your thoughts and feelings are aligned with what you would like to experience during your day
  3. Think about how you would like to feel during the day, what you would like to experience or what you would like to manifest
  4. Choose a mantra for the day:  Today is absolutely perfect; Today I choose peace (you can replace this with any other word, e.g. joy, bliss, success etc.

Guided meditation on: 5 minutes

Aim: To experience using light to increase relaxation and to cleansing your body and aura.

Afternoon - Check-In

During your day, remember to check in with how you are feeling. and remind yourself of what you desire.

Visualise yourself as the person in the image below and repeat the Mantra, you have chosen.

Evening - Review - 3 minutes

1. Think about the main thoughts and feelings that you experienced throughout the day.

2.  How much where your thoughts and feelings in alignment with what you desired to feel or experience?

3. Listen to the meditation above before going to bed.