Have you ever wondered how to make meditations work for you? 

​Discover how to shape your energy, to help you be more in alignment with what you desire in life

If you want to improve your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being, put this system to work for you


In each meditation you are the 'being of light' that is represented as the main 'character.'

Part 1:  Light Cleansing Meditation

This is an example of one of the meditations to help you focus on and shift your energy in the right way.

Focus and Shift Your Energy by Making Practical Meditation Part of Your Daily Life. 

All Meditations are less than 5 minutes and once you learn them you can use the process in less than one minute, using the visual cues.

Meditation can be even more powerful when you use the energy to assist you with practical ideas and goals.

Learn how to be a powerful co-creator - practising how to deliberately use energy and light to shape your inner and outer world.

DISCLAIMER:  Meditations may lead to feelings of drowsiness and relaxation and should not be used while driving or participating in any other activity that requires you to be alert.

Do Any These Scenarios Sound Familiar?

  • You meditate on a regular basis and would like to pro-actively use meditations to assist you to improve areas of your life.
  • You find it difficult to complete long meditations or your mind keeps getting in the way.
  • You want to develop a meditation practice, but the existing methods you've used don’t work for you.
  • You’re always looking for ways to improve you mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being.
  • You think meditation is not for you and can’t help you resolve challenges in your life, but are prepared to give it a go.
  • You believe in the law of attraction and know that aligning your thoughts, feelings, words and actions is the master key to manifesting what you would like to experience in life.
  • You are better at meditating when you give your mind something to do e.g. focusing on your breath or on an image.

If you can relate to any of the scenarios above, read on to find out more...

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The Art of Shaping Your World From the Inside Out Energetically

You must be, before you can do, before you can have!

  • The Law of Attraction teaches that to manifest improvements in our lives, our main focus needs to be on being in energetic alignment with the experience that we desire.
  • Yet many people find it difficult to focus their thoughts, emotions and energy in this way and stay stuck, focusing on problems, challenges, and lack.  This takes you out of alignment, and manifestation becomes difficult.
  • Each meditation is designed to assist you with thinking, feeling, speaking and acting like you are already there and provides you with guidance to move you closer to where you would like to be.


Learn Guided Meditation Processes to Shape Your World

Including Affirmations That Work With Your Unconscious Mind

Before you start...

1. use a grounding technique, such as imaging a cord running from the top of you head deep into the earth's core

2. consider facing east, as some suggest this is good practice when meditating.  You can download a compass app to help with this

3.  make sure you are not driving or using equipment.  Take time for yourself to practice.

4. Turn off or place on silent any electrical devices that might interrupt you

Part 1:  Light Cleansing Meditation

Aim: To experience using light to increase relaxation and to energetically cleanse your body and aura.

This Meditation is good for...

-Increasing relaxation and stillness

-Feeling that your body is being cleansed with light and positive energy

-Breathing light into all areas of your body and aura

-Discarding any unwanted energy.

Part 2:  Grand Advisory Council Meditation 

Aim: To experience receiving information, advice and guidance to move forward

This Meditation is good for...

-Overcoming  problems, challenges and mental blocks you find  difficult to shift

-Receiving new ideas and clarity for things you are unsure or unclear about

-Not sure what to do next and/or lacking direction.

Part 3: Let Go and Release Meditation

Aim: To experience releasing ideas, thoughts, and emotions that no longer serve you and your life

This Meditation is good for...

-Releasing something that you need to let go off

-Freeing yourself from negative feelings and emotions

-Shifting negative thoughts and ideas

-Helping you feel lighter for letting go of something.

Part 4:   Relating/Connecting Meditation

Aim: To experience connecting with another person

This Meditation is good for...

-Helping you to feel close to another person

-Increasing the connection to someone

-Connecting with the higher self of another person

-Experiencing gaining a better understanding of someone

-Sharing love and light.

Part 5:  Healing Chambers Meditation

Aim: To experience using light from others to increase your well-being, e.g. healing mental and emotional challenges.

This Meditation is good for...

-Experiencing receiving support from others

-Feeling that your body is being cleansed/healed with light and positive energy

-Feeling better within yourself - body, mind and spirit

Part 6:   Hand It Over/Surrender Meditation

Aim: To experience receiving support and assistance with something that you are struggling with

This Meditation is good for...

-Getting help with  challenges

-Letting go -  so you can create a void to receive help

-Surrendering anything that you don't know how to change or fix

-Feeling like universal energy is working on your behalf

Part 7:   Connect with Your Higher Self Meditation

Aim:  To experience connecting with your higher self, the highest part of yourself

This Meditation is good for...

-Seeking guidance from your higher self

-Remembering and acknowledging the higher part of yourself

-Increasing the impact and conscious awareness of your higher self in your life.

Part 8:  Gratitude for Life Meditation

Aim:  To experience showing gratitude and appreciation for all that you are being, doing and having in life

This Meditation is good for...

-Taking time to think about the things you are grateful for

-Focusing on the positive things, people and situations

-Shifting your thoughts and emotions to something positive

Part 9:  You Are Awareness Meditation

Aim: To experience consciously connecting to your true spiritual self

This meditation is good for:

-Becoming an observer of yourself

-Monitoring your thoughts, feelings, words and actions

-Helps you to stop thinking and feeling a certain way

-Assisting you with remembering who you truly are.

Part 10:  Your Soul Group Meditation

Aim: To experience connecting with members of your soul group

This meditation is good for...

-Experiencing receiving support from people that you know and don't know

-Connecting to members of your soul group to increase your association

-Summoning and requesting assistance at an unconscious higher level.

Part 11: Being Held in Hands Meditation

Aim: To experience being completely supported

This meditation is good for...

-Times when you feel overwhelmed

-Experiencing complete surrender, so you can be looked after

-Resting and allowing universal energy to take over

-Stopping you from worrying about the outcome.

Leadership Affirmations 

Aim:  To help program your unconscious mind to become a great leader

This is good for...

-Programming your unconscious mind to believe what is being repeated

-By-passing the conscious mind with a looping meditation

-Affirming all the things that you desire to be

-Shaping your internal dialogue in a positive way.

Why Use These Meditations?

Meditation is one of the most championed ways of achieving alignment and success in many traditions

  • Each meditation allows you to think and feel yourself into being; each process is designed to create feelings of well being and positivity.

  • Each strategy helps you to navigate everyday life, enabling you to feel fulfilled as you pro-actively attract the experiences and manifestations you desire.

  • Visual meditations give your mind something to do and focus on,  walking you through each step - once you learn the process you can use it in a matter of seconds no matter where you are.

  • Increase your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being, as you increase your alignment through daily practice.

The Meditations and Resources 

  • 11 Original Guided Meditations -Each one comes with guidance, image, audio track and video.

  • Improve Your Practice with Meditation Articles -  Learn more about meditation and discover how to improve your practice 

  • Meditation Ebooks -  Three short ebooks about the power of meditation and how you can use it in  life 

  • 7 Principles/Laws - There are several other laws that work with the law of attraction, discover what they are and how to make sure you are fully aligned with them.

  • Free Relaxation Music Tracks-  Use these short tracks to develop your own practice, using only music.


"I was going through something quite scary and just remembered the words of one of the meditations, it made me feel better and I didn't feel scared anymore"   J Vernal


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